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Purchase a copy of the physical book (softcover).  Includes a section for note taking and personal thoughts.



Letters To My Future Husband includes years of teachings on relationships put into personal, sculpted letters of what the author believed for in a husband. This dream made real started from putting her goals on paper, with an uncompromising mindset and spiritual outlook. The letters in this book aren’t only an encouragement to every unmarried woman or young girl but offers hope with faith filled words of declarations. You too can have the mate of your dreams that compliments your life long assignment. With 34 pre-written letter and tools, this book also offers additional room for the reader to add their own personalized letters and notes.

Book Information

  • Book Type: Softcover
  • Paperback: 92 pages
  • Digital eBook: 88 pages
  • Published: First Ed. April 25th 2018
  • Available In: English
  • Availability: Amazon & Apple Bookstores
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Publisher: Creative Orleans

8 reviews for Letters To My Future Husband Book

  1. Lexa Wilson

    I am truly inspired. I’ve read the entire book and used it as a journal. Something I can use over and over. Plan to give it to my future husband as a wedding gift.

    • letters

      Thank you for such an awesome review, Lexa. I’m so glad you were able to utilize the extra space provided. I too gave a collection of letters to my husband on the day of our wedding. I think it’s a beautiful idea. He will indeed appreciate it.

  2. Elise Lucas

    This book is a great example and guide on how to effectively put your faith into action. I’m married, and I still find it to be a helpful tool while waiting OR while you’re in a relationship.

    • letters

      Thank you for such a great review, Elise. May it continue to be an inspiration of putting faith into action for you and others.

  3. Diana

    I love all aspects of this book, the idea alone so very inspiring. We can use this idea in all aspects of life.

    Marriage is meant to be a beautiful union, yet too often, people overlook the most important factors.

    This book is a beautiful tool to use in our Youth Group to prepare them for their future.

    I recommend everyone read it, man or woman, young or old.

    This book would make a beautiful gift to any woman, but I highly recommend it to be used as a tool to guide our youth.

    • letters

      Thank you for such a great review, Diana. In Jesus mighty name this book and the principles within it will reach many.

  4. Sondra Willis

    This book truly blessed me. It’s tranparency into Mrs. Nevis’ story inspired me. This book isn’t just great for single women, but also engaged and married women. It displays the faithfulness of God, and allows other women to see what God can do when your faith and hope is placed in Him.

    • Reese Nevis

      Thank you for such an awesome review, Sondra.Through Vhrist all things are possible if one believes.

  5. Trichelle Robinson

    I am so glad that I purchased this book. It has been an inspiration to me. I love how it shows the importance of not just making declarations about a mate I desire, but the importance of using God’s word in those declarations. I enjoyed this book so much, that I too have started little letters to my future husband. I anticipate the day that I can allow him to read them.

    • Reese Nevis

      Thank you for such an awesome review Trichelle. Continue to speak faith-filled words. He will be blessed by those letters.

  6. Theresa Simba

    I’d recommend this book to all my ladies in waiting as we trust God for a spouse.

    I think it’d also be awesome to look back after you’re married and see how God has answered the prayers you’ve whispered to him concerning the husband you desire.

    All in all, an awesome read!

    • Reese Nevis

      Thank you for such an awesome review, Theresa. God hears and wants to answer those whispers especially if they are in harmony with His Word.

  7. Ethel Bullock

    This book is such a blessing it’s exciting to see the word of God and confessions of faith work together and give you the desires of your heart .It’s a book full of Godly principals that any one can use I highly recommend it.

    • Reese Nevis

      Thank you for such an awesome review, Minister Ethel. We can indeed expect The Word to work if we apply it.

  8. Landrea Haynes

    This book is just what I needed!!! Ladies, if you haven’t read this book get your copy today!!! Honey, I’m in love! I am inspired by your powerful words! Thank you for giving us hope and reminding us to remain faithful in God through all facets of life. I am beyond proud of you. May God continue blessing you on your endeavors. Peace & Blessings xo

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